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Reading this book will change your prayer life forever. Reading this book will get you answers from God guaranteed! I know that is an audacious statement to make. I do not make it without a healthy dose of theological “fear and trembling”. I am aware there is always the possibility of a book over-promising and under-delivering. To that end, I make the statement based on sound biblical study and theology. I do not make the statement based on a belief in a fancical “name it and claim it” theology which is drawn from whimsical wishing. I also make the statement based on experiential data rooted in the day-to-day living of people like you and me. Are you ready for your life to explode? Did you know every explosion requires a fuse? Prayer is the fuse that lights the dynamite. However, prayer is not the first thing we think of when we think of explosions in our spiritual lives. And “pray tell” to coin a phrase, that is why many of our lives are lifeless and powerless. We do not pray. We are not unlike the disciples who asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Someone said no great thing ever happened without it being preceded by prayer.

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