Fans of Bishop Geoffrey V. Dudley Sr.’s Morning Manna for Your Day and How to Live My Life on Purpose are in for a treat with his latest release, Family-ish’: How to Raise a Fabulous Family.

Families today are struggling to keep it together. The good news? There’s a way forward. Forget about a barely functioning family and say hello to a Fabulous Family! The answer comes from God and the principles of a covenant family. With a little bit of grace, intentionality, intimacy, empowerment, and learning from life’s lessons, your family will be on the road to fabulous in no time.

Chapter by chapter, Bishop Dudley breaks down the elements of a covenant family and provides methods for application in your own unique family. Each chapter introduces you to a new family with a different family structure. Read stories and learn from single parent families, blended families, special needs families, military families, and more. Intertwining scripture, thought-provoking questions, and his own family’s stories throughout, Bishop Dudley’s Family-ish’ serves as an insightful guide for all families and acts as a great text for small groups.  

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